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Internationally qualified advisors specialised in finance and financial reporting, covering areas of London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Midlands.

Customised and Affordable CFO Finance Support Services 

Seasoned finance executives with over 20 years of progressive experience in strategic financial management, corporate finance, and operational leadership. 

Management reporting and
develop and monitor KPIs

Responsible for the production of timely, accurate monthly management reports and information, including KPI reporting, detailed variance analysis and bespoke budget holder reports when required.

Annual budgeting and

Establish and lead best-in-class budgeting processes for planning and forecasting revenue, capital, and headcount needs.

Responsible for producing, monitoring, and updating an accurate 1 and 3-year detailed forecast financial model. Initiating corrective actions and minimising the impact of variances when required.

Financial controllership
and team leadership

Ensuring robust financial frameworks and best practice corporate governance are
in place ensuring legal and tax compliance.

Ability to manage and develop a high calibre small to medium size finance team, overseeing all purchasing and payroll activity for staff and consultants.

Interim finance, part time and project resources

CFO / Finance Director

Finance Manager / Tax Managers

Financial Controllers

Accounts Payable 

Accounts Receivable 

Business and strategic planning 

Working as part of your Executive Team to define a 3-year financial strategy and business plan to ensure that the company attains its objectives, as cost-effectively, and efficiently, as possible.

Cashflow, fundraising and treasury management

Effectively manage cashflow and working capital, monitor banking activities of the organisation. Manage fund-raising events and cash calls from the Founders,
including preparing loan agreements.

Applying for bank loans and managing other government cashflow support, restructuring leases via negotiations with landlords to manage cashflow.

Full taxation support

Review and monitor of Group corporate tax position, calculations and filings including PAYE and VAT management.

Drive M&A activity

Full charge of all M&A activity including due diligence, investment appraisals and
post integration.

Cost optimisation 

Negotiation with suppliers and 3rd parties to drive cost optimisation.

IT systems and environment

Development of accounting IT infrastructure and adequate financial controls to ensure effective scalability and support as the business grows, for example, implementation of a time tracking and project profitably monitoring system called ClickTime.

Stakeholder management

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with external partners, stakeholders, banks, and investors.

Providing strategic, financial, and commercial support and recommendations to both CEO and COO. Liaison with operations, HR and project managers across the business.

Exit planning

Mindful on maximising shareholder value and continually preparing the business for a funding event or successful exit.

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Professional Summary

Seasoned finance executives with over 20 years of progressive experience in strategic financial management, corporate finance, and operational leadership.

Demonstrated success in steering financial strategy and delivering substantial improvements in profitability, efficiency, and risk management for both publicly traded companies and high-growth private enterprises.

Expertise in developing and implementing financial systems, processes, and controls that support business objectives and enhance shareholder value. Known for a collaborative leadership style, strong analytical acumen, and a commitment to fostering a culture of financial excellence.

   Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Financial Leadership: Adept at formulating and executing long-term financial strategies that drive sustainable growth, maximize shareholder value, and align with corporate vision and goals.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: Expert in overseeing budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning processes to ensure accurate financial projections and informed decision-making.
  • Corporate Finance & M&A: Skilled in managing mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, including due diligence, valuation, negotiation, and post-merger integration.
  • Risk Management: Proficient in identifying, assessing, and mitigating financial risks through robust internal controls, compliance frameworks, and risk management strategies.
  • Financial Reporting & Compliance: Extensive experience in preparing and presenting financial statements in accordance with GAAP/IFRS, ensuring regulatory compliance and financial transparency.
  • Operational Efficiency: Proven track record of implementing cost-saving initiatives, process improvements, and operational efficiencies that enhance overall business performance.
  • Leadership & Team Development: Strong leader with a talent for building and mentoring high-performing finance teams, fostering a culture of accountability, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Providing high caliber financial expertise to your business

CFO Services


Getting the right financial guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle that complements your entrepreneurial drive is essential.

An interim or part-time CFO is an agile solution that brings a valuable, independent perspective to growing businesses. It’s also a beneficial option if your business is seasonal and requires specific advice at different times of the year.

We are a relationship-driven team and will work with you to identify your needs and tailor our services to suit you. Whether it is a specific project or a more regular assignment, our experienced part-time CFOs will develop the best solution.

Proven track record

In todays fast moving marketplace, finance executives strike a difficult balance. There are many challengers dealing with  technological disruption, fluctuating GDP growth and trade conditions, and an uncertain regulatory landscape, they must deliver against expectations for improved growth and shareholder value while managing costs, risks, quality of earnings and compliance.

In this complex and intensely competitive market, November Partners provides Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Finance Directors (FDs) with leadership, action and results for their evolving needs.

Wide sector expertise

We support corporates, SMEs and entreprenuers in the early, growth stage of their business cycles. We have deep expertise in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate and Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing and Contracting
  • Manufacturing
  • Business and Professional services